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Terms and Conditions

1) Provisions

The parents or guardian are aware of the activity KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls.

By accepting these conditions, KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls is authorised to represent and subscribe contracts with advertisers on behalf of the minor represented by the parents/guardian.

In order to provide those services it is necessary to have access to personal data, voice and images of the child represented by the parents/guardian.

The child is not regularly engaged in the business of model advertising.

2) Agreements

KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls is authorised by the parents/guardian to subscribe any contract with any individual or legal entity by the appropriate means and conditions, for the transfer of the image rights, voice and name for Italy and abroad (any country), of the minor represented by the parents/guardian.
The parent/guardian who undersigns the subscription guarantees the acknowledgement and approval to and by the other/s parent/guardians and relieves KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls of any responsibility in the event of disputes of any kind.

The parents/guardian authorise the public display of the image, voice and name of the child, by any media or type of communication (e-mail, social media, etc..) without limitations of any kind, soKidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls can make the proper promotion of the minor.

KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls cannot be responsible, but will take all precautions to ensure the security and integrity of personal data and the alteration, loss or unauthorised access, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, whether from the human action or by other means.

Under the Italian Law decree 196/03, Protection of Personal Data, the personal data will be included in an automated file, in order to manage the commitments resulting from them. To exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, the parents/guardian must send a written communication to KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls. The cancellation of the data will not have retroactive effect.

The parents/guardian also authorise KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls to subcontract the total or partial services provided. In any case, the KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls will require the third party to comply with current legislation, in particular, the rules on data protection.

KidsEvolution Agency of ClassEvolution Srls will receive, in concept of compensation for representation services, an amount equivalent to 20% of all the gross amounts received by THE MODEL. In addition, in order to comply with the Italian taxation laws, talent gross rates are subjected to a withholding rate of 22% (Italian VAT).

Any eventual disputes will occur under the Italian court of Milan, Italy

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